Saturday, August 2, 2008

Education 2.0

Look out world! Web 3.0 is coming!

Web 3.0? Whoa!

There are those who read this who may say what happened to Web 2.0? Well, nothing happened to it, it is here! Kids are using it to communicate and network; and yes even to do homework. From facebook to myspace, kids are more wired than ever. What about us? Where are we?

I am not sure where you are, but teachers need to get into web 2.0 as they are what kids are using. We have the advantage of teachertube for videos, scriblink for whiteboards, Jing for screencasting, and sites for podcasting. How many adults cannot even create an e-mail attachment or open one? It is time all, no past time; to get on board. The Web 2.0 world is growing fast. Either we get on board the train or the kids will leave us behind.

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