Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kids and the Blogosphere

I have a blog, which you know if you are reading this. My 8 year old wants a blog. My wife says, "What's a blog?"

But blogging has issues in my mind.

Issue 1. Why blog? In the professional world it has the purpose of replacing the company bulletin board and constant access. Blogs are used personally to vent, share information or simply to create a community of like-minded individuals. In education, is blogging fair to those with limited or no computer access?

Issue 2. Technology for technology's sake. If a child cannot type, is a blog going to help or hurt that student? Is a blog going to really spark creativity in a child who cannot type? There is a fine line here between using the technology for a purpose and just using technology.

Issue 3. Access and monitoring. When blogs are used in schools, the whole monitoring thing comes up. Who will monitor the blog? How will we be assured that the rules of decorum are followed? More responsibility for the already overworked teacher?

Issue 4. Research. Kids and adults alike need to understand that blogs are largely opinions and should be treated as such. Information included in them should not be taken as the gospel truth unless they are backed up with an additional source.

I do not claim to have the answers, I am just posing the questions! Yours are welcome as well.

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