Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wonderworks water...fall up or down?

Last week we visited Pigeon Forge TN and the Smoky Mountains. While there, we visited a place called Wonderworks. It is billed as a museum for the mind. Check out the video! See if you can figure out what in the world is happening. I know that it took me a while... video


Kiwanji said...

You've got me stumped Doug.

Kiwanji said...

Now that I've watched it again I want to say the water is going in both directions. Is that possible? Well, for that matter, is up possible?

Demetri said...

This blog post is a great example of giving your readers a question/mystery as opposed to explicating or telling them "the" answer to something. This is the type of inquiry-based learning which we need more of. I was immediately intrigued by this and wanted to engage with it, moreso than if I was reading some explanation.