Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Another hot one today in the Old Line State.

Having had a chance to digest the content from yesterday's class, we are in for a ride! New toys and tools and new teams! I LOVE the tool (Skype?) that connected us to Tenn remotely I wanna learn how to do that!


BloggieDoggie said...

Hi Doug,
I think skype is free. I hate to admit it, but I became familiar with it first by listening to The Saintcast, a podcast about the Saints. The guy who made the podcast used skype and talked a lot about how he used it. I agree, we are in for a ride this summer. Maybe it will create a breeze to help us get through those hot doggie days.

atechtchr2c said...

I reviewed Skype during our first course. If you go back to the googledoc...there is some great information there.