Monday, June 9, 2008

First night

Wow....TONS of information tonight; most of which is rather easy to use. I have a blog for the class and am now using iGoogle and Google Reader. I have set up a delicious account and gotten a refresher on aggregator and RSS feeds. Lots of cool stuff. Still worried about the "you are going to need help" comment from the HCPSS web guy. I have secured the use of a flip video camera and now have to get my scanner working again. Busy and productive night!


atechtchr2c said...

I agree that we received lot's of information. I wanted to give a little relief in regards to the website thing. I created a webpage several years ago through a class I took with UOPHX. I used the webspace provided by HC. I found that it was really easy to do on a PC. I tried on a Mac, but had some difficulty as I wasn't as familiar with the web tools that Mac offers. I also used the book Webpage for can probably find it at your local bookstore. I would love to help if you need it.

Kiwanji said...


The flip cam should be a great tool for you to use, especially as you think about our manditory video blog post. I think you may have some colleagues asking to borrow said camera.