Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo editor

The photo above was taken by me at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. I edited the photo using Adobe Photoshop Elements. I got rid of red eye on my son in the background. I added a talk box for each of my two kids. I also used the program to adjust contrast, focus and size of the photo. I used Word to add the text. Imported it into Photoshop again from a screen shot, cropped it and resaved it.


Demetri said...

Hey Doug,
nice to see your kiddos! I hope you get a chance to experiment with the text tool that is in PhotoShop. You really shouldn't need to switch to Word to add text. Also as you go back and forth with screen shots, you lose a little resolution each time. Great idea to incorporate text in your image!

Spicher113 said...

Actually, the text in the photo was done in photoshop. The text next to the image was done in Word and I could not figure out any other way to do it.