Saturday, April 11, 2009

Disney I

Whew. We just returned today from a trip to Disney Resorts in Orlando. The staff at the resort hotels and attractions could not have been nicer or more accommodating. However, if you plan to go, here are some tidbits of advice:

  1. If you need to stop and use your cell phone or consult a map, do so to the side and not in the middle of the just causes traffic jams
  2. If your kid is over the age of 7, forget the stroller! You really have it for you and not the kid and all it does it get in the way or bang into the ankles of those in front of you
  3. Control your children but bag the kid leash. If your kid is so wild or you are so inattentive that you need to leash your kid, perhaps a theme park is not a place that you need to be
  4. Easy on the booze. Standing in long lines for a ride and having Dorko the Drink breathe and sweat stale beer breath on me is not my idea of a good time
  5. Finally, take advantage of the Fast Pass option that is offered. If you do not know what it is, ask. It will become your new best friend in Disney.
More later on our trip.

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