Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Data and technology

As a potential technology leader, I understand the importance of data. I understand how it is important to the decision making progress and how data is related to that data. What I do not understand is the data collection itself...where does the data come from? Who collected the data? How was the data collected?

I guess my point is this; if data is being used to drive decisions, education or otherwise, why would the sources, who collected it and other factors not included? Would these answers not make the data more important to stakeholders and also give the decisions based upon that data more relevant?

Your thoughts please...

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Kiwanji said...

Doug! I thought we lost you! Glad to see you still using this old blog thing.

Your question about data is interesting. As a capstone to my MS program I took a class where we did everything in the process of conducting a study short of actually putting it into practice. We set the whole thing up, discussed and thought about the subjects, the method, the durraction, how to ensure that bias did not factor into the results, etc. Knowing how this all works did a lot to my understanding of where all these numbers come from.

Is this saying that all studies are done with the same level of impartiality? Clearly not. But, after reading hundreds of them I can usually tell right from the abstract if the authors are on soapbox or not.

So, I guess what I am saying is that data shouldn't come with baggage. Sometimes it does, but if I can tell it does then I'll likely pass it up for some that is cleaner.